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Welcome to my home on the net. If you reached my site because you were looking for something in particular, I hope you find what you're looking for. For those things that I'm passionate about, I try to provide informative and useful content. If you reached my site just surfing for pleasure, I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that makes it worth the visit.


Okay... I know it's rather cryptic, but I was having a terrible time coming up with a domain name. I wanted something short and simple that at the same time was somehow a reflection of me. I think my mind has been permanently warped from my early Unix and 'C' days because I couldn't think of anything other than these short, cryptic names. In the end though I'm pretty happy with RML3. Although cryptic, it is a pretty good reflection of me. RM of course are my initials. The L3 expresses my passion for learning, which I believe should be a lifelong pursuit, and my view that life should be lived to the fullest with good friends and family and healthy sense of humor.

Site Design

I wanted to design this site using CSS. Don't ask me why. It just seemed like a good idea. I guess I never liked the idea of using frames or tables for layout, so with CSS coming into its own, that's the way I wanted to go. I was ready to give up though until I found this layout from Ruthsarian Layouts (link no longer available). I used to have a link to this site, but sadly it no longer exists. I'm not sure what happened to the guy who maintained the site. I think he was doing designs as a hobby. At any rate he really helped me out in getting this site to work, so although I no longer have links to his site, I still want to express my appreciation for his help and give credit for his CSS design.


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6-7-2017 -- Seeing how out-of-date the site is, it's time to clean some things up. I found numerous links that were out-of-date. I've quickly tried to clean up the worst offenders, but still have a lot of cleanup work to be done.

6-5-2017 -- A new supernova finally got me out observing again. NGC 6946 and Supernova 2017 eaw

6-11-06 -- Updated my Astronomy 10 project with the story of a professional/amateur astronomer team that discovered a new extrasolar planet: Update

8-14-05 -- Added the Music section to the main menu.

8-02-05 -- Added pictures of our Ritter backpacking trip to the Photo Gallery.

Added a new page for Quo Vadi by Henryk Sienkiewicz. This is a novel set in Rome during the time of Nero. Like other novels by Sienkiewicz, this one is exceptional.

My Astronomy 10 project is now on-line.


This is my plug for Gargoyles. Ruthsarian (link no longer available) has graciously made his layouts freely available for anyone to use, and has always been helpful whenever I've had a question about the layouts. I'm surprised that he does not charge for his layouts, but he doesn't. He did ask to promote the Gargoyles (link no longer available once, so this is the least I can do for all his help. Be sure to check out his Gargoyles layout (link no longer available) page which has more information about the Gargoyles and his interest this animated Disney televsision series.