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Astronomy 10


I just finished my final project for Astronomy 10. It is a small set of web pages providing an introduction to extrasolar planets. One of the best parts about the project was that I got to learn how to use Flash to create animations.

Friends and Family

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Astronomy 10

This page is dedicated to my Astronomy 10 class.

This is a survey of six random individuals. They answered 10 questions related to basic facts in astronomy. Check it out to see how much they really know about astronomy.
Extrasolar Planets
This is my final project for Astronomy 10. It is an introduction to extrasolar planets, which are planets outside our solar system, orbiting other stars. I used Flash to create the animaitons. It was my first experience with Flash, but I'm pleased with the results, and excited to make the animations more realistic as I become better at using Flash. Check it out. Hope you find it interesting and informative, and as always, I welcome any and all feedback.