Extrasolar Planets


Img: Artist Conception

The above image captures the imagination. Wouldn't it be exciting to visit exotic planets, and maybe even to find life on some of these planets? I remember when I was growing up the constant speculation about life on other planets. There seemed to be a real possibility of life somewhere in our solar system, but, alas, that never materialized, and now the expectation of finding other life in our solar system, (at least of finding anything other than maybe some microscopic bacteria), is gone.

But the dream is not dead. If there is no life on any of the planets in our solar system, then maybe we can find life on planets outside our solar system. But first we have to be able to find planets outside our solar system, which is what this project is about... how we find planets outside our solar system, and what we are finding.

The site is broken up into two main sections:

  1. Detecting Extrasolar Planets, and
  2. What we have found so far

Links are provided in the navigation column at the left to each of these sections, as well as to a summary page, and a bibliography page. I welcome any comments you may have. Click to email me

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