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The Cosmological Distance Ladder

Below are a list of references and additional resources.


Measuring the Universe, The Cosmological Distance Ladder -- Stephen Webb

This is an excellent book on the subject of measuring cosmological distances.  It does a good job of balancing between being descriptive and technical.  My only complaint is that although the math is kept basic, it is sometimes presented in such an abbreviated format that it is difficult to follow.

Venus in Transit -- Eli Maor

An excellent book on the historical and technical aspects of Venus transits.  One can feel the almost desperate sense of need to observe this rare event.  Also has a great deal of intriguing information about Kepler, Brahe, and others that I have never seen elsewhere.

Astronomy Fundamentals and Frontiers -- Jastrow & Thompson

This textbook contains a nice overview of distance measurements within the Appendix.

Voyages to the Stars and Galaxies -- Fraknoi, Morrison, and Wolff

This textbook provides a good descriptive introduction to astronomical distance measurements.



How Far is It -- Very good introduction and overview.

Cosmological Distance Ladder -- More detailed overview.

Hipparcos Space Astrometry Misison -- Treasure Trove of On-line Parallax Data

Atlas of the Universe -- Beautiful Images by Richard Powell

A Review of the Universe -- Very nice.  Easy to read.


Dave's short course in trigonometry -- Outstanding site!!

Euclid's Elements -- Another outstanding site by David Joyce.