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About Me

I'm not sure what to say about myself that is not already obvious from the content of my site. Of course I love books of all sorts and will happily spend hours in a bookstore, especially if they have a place where I can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee too.

Astronomy is another love of mine. I've always enjoyed it. Many years ago I thought about pursuing it as a career, but as often happens, I was distracted and ended up as an electrical engineer instead. I thoroughly enjoy electrical engineering, but the astronomy kept calling to me, so now it's a hobby.

I also love the outdoors... backpacking, skiing, scuba diving.. anything just to be in the outdoors. I guess astronomy kind of fits into the same general theme... a sort of intimate connection with the world around us, so it's not surprising that these are my loves.

If you enjoy any of the same things, I hope you'll enjoy your visit and find what you're looking for.