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This part of my site is all about astronomy. It started out as a project for an introductory astronomy class that I took in 2004 at Los Positas college. That class rekindled my passion for astronomy, so I decided to make the project permanent. That in turn led to this entire site.

My project was about the "Cosmological Distance Ladder", but that name was too long in my opinion for a navigation link, so I called it "A20 Project", which is, of course, rather cryptic to most people, so I've started a sort of table of contents below to describe area within my astronomy pages... especially when the navigation links are cryptic like "A20 Project".

Astronomy 10
This links to the pages associated with my Astronomy 10 class. There you will find a survey I conducted of several "people off the street" to see how much they know about astronomy. The results were quite interesting. You will also find my final project which is an introduction to the search for extra solar planets. This is a very dynamic subject in astronomy at this time as new planets are being discovered around stars on an almost regular basis. Check it out.
A10 Project - Extrasolar Planets
This is my Astronomy 10 Project. It is a brief tutorial on extrasolar planets, including how astronomers are able to find planets around other stars, and the kinds of planets that have been found so far.
A20 Project - The Cosmological Distance Ladder
This is my Astronomy 20 Project. It is a sort of tutorial on how distances are calculated in astronomy. At first this might sound rather trivial, but as it turns out, measuring distances in astronomy is a serious issue that can sometimes by controvesial.


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I finished my astronomy 10 class at Las Positas College, and my Final Project is now on-line. Astronomy 10 was a class about planets and the solar system, so I decided to do my project on extrasolar planets. I created some Flash animations for the project, which I'm very happy with, though they are pretty basic as it was my first experience with Flash. I couldn't have done it without help from my brother who is an export when it comes to Flash.