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M27 - Dumbell Nebula - 20060916

The Dumbell (or Apple Core) Nebula in Vulpecula, (the Fox), (just north of Sagitta, the Arrow, and south of Cygnus, the Swan). This is a planetary nebula, (a star like our sun throwing off an outer shell of gas in the last stages of its life). M27 was the first planetary nebular ever discovered, (1764 by Charles Messier).

Hidden Hill Obsevatory 9/16/06
8" Newtonian, f4.9
Orion Starshoot Deep Space Imager
24x30sec; Gain 63; Offset 108
Captured and Stacked with Nebulosity; Drizzle 0.8/1.1/3
Processed with Nebulosity, Photoshop, & Astronomy tools.

m020_20070721_rrm.jpg m022_ver2.jpg m027_20060916_v2.jpg m027_20080607_rm.jpg M033_20120818_RM_halfsize.jpg