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M4 - Globular Cluster in Scorpius - 20090723 - H20

One of the nearest globular clusters at at a distance of about 7,200 light years.
Located just west of the heart of Scorpius, (Antares).
Hidden Hill Obsevatory 7/23/09
8" Newtonian, f4.9
Orion Starshoot Deep Space Imager
4x40sec; Gain 57; Offset 103
Captured and Stacked with Nebulosity; Std Dev 1.5
Processed with Nebulosity/Photoshop/AstronomyTools

M071_07012011_RRM.jpg NGC7331_20110701_RRM.jpg m004_20090723_RM.jpg IC5146_20090824_5.jpg M015_20081025.jpg