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M11 - Wild Duck Cluster

M11 is also known as the 'Wild Duck' cluster, (can you see the distinctive 'V' shape of ducks flying in formation towards the left?). It is an open cluster and therefore young (about 250 million years old) relative to the much older globular clusters.

Hidden Hill Obsevatory 8/26/06
8" Newtonian, f4.9
Orion Starshoot Deep Space Imager
18x15sec; Gain 63; Offset 115
Captured and Stacked with Nebulosity; Drizzle: 0.8/1/3
Processed with Nebulosity/Photoshop/AstronomyTools

m005_20070609_rrm.jpg m005_20080426_rm.jpg m011_20060826_ver1.jpg m013_20060819_ver2.jpg m013_20080503_rm.jpg