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Comet Holmes - 20071208 - H2O

Notice how much larger the comet has grown. This image has four times the area as the one at left (due to use of the 0.5 focal reducer) and still the comet does not fit into the field of view now. The color difference is due to processing, the first using Nebulosity's "Colors in Motion" and the second a straight drizzle stack with a light blue filter applied in Photoshop.

Taken from H2O, December 8, 2007.
30 x 50 sec exposures
Orion 80ED on Sirius mount
Orion Starshoot DSI (gain 57; offset 100)
Orion Starshoot 0.5 focal reducer
Captured and drizzle stacked with Nebulosity
Image processing in Photoshop

Comet_Holmes_RM.jpg comet_holmes_rm20071208.jpg IC5146_20090824_5.jpg Lunar_eclipse_20080220_v2_sm.jpg m003_20060527_RRM.jpg