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The Bridge on the Drina

by Ivo Andric

The Back Cover

A great stone bridge built three centuries ago in the heart of the Balkans by a Grand Vezir of the Ottoman Empire dominates the setting for Nobel Prize - winning author Ivo Andric's novel. Spanning generations, nationalities, and creeds, the bridge stands witness to the countless lives played out upon it: to Radisav, the workman, who tries to hinder its construction and is impaled alive on its highest point; to the lovely Fata, who throws herself from its parapet to escape a loveless marriage; to Milan, the gambler, who risks everything in one last game on the bridge with the devil his opponent; to Fedun, the young soldier, who pays for a moment's spring forgetfulness with his life. War finally destroys the span, and with it the last descendent of that family to which the Grand Vezir confided the care of his pious bequest - the bridge.

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My Comments

A story more about people's lives than events. Although this book is less action filled than others, be forewarned that it contains a brutal description of torture that you won't soon forget.

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