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I apologize this link list is not very helpful right now. It was put together many years ago, and I've found that most of the links are dead. That's the one bad thing about the internet... seems like everything is transient. I started removing the dead links this morning and found that the there was going to be almost nothing left. Well, I'll have to rebuild a set of links. If you have any recommendations, please e-mail them to me. Thanks.

Historical Novels

Historical Novel Society

Soon's Historical Fiction Site, An excellent historical fiction site!

Mukwonago Community Library, A list of reading material organized by time period and country.

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Other Chinese Sites Excellent one stop shopping for historical sites on China.




World War I

World War II

WW II Timeline Excellent timeline of WW II.


Friends and Partners Interesting Site.

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PCL Map Collection  This is one GREAT site.  An incredible collection of MAPS and TIME LINES.  Some of my maps come from here.

Maps and References The University of Iowa Maps and References. A great starting place when looking for maps. Don't pass this one by.

Graphic Maps, These guys will custom design maps for use on your web page.  They have lots of simpler maps available free along with several samples of their custom designed maps.  I haven't tried having a custom map designed yet, but the price is right, so maybe sometime soon. Some of my maps came from their free samples.

Cartography Great site from Indiana State University. Lots of historical maps.

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