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Historical Novels

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Historical Novels
Title Author Last Name Author First Name Subject
The Bridge on the Drina Andric Ivo Balkans
Conquest, A Novel Chadwick Elizabeth
Noble House Clavell James Asia
King Rat Clavell James Asia
Gai-Jin Clavell James Asia
Tai-Pan Clavell James Asia
Shogun Clavell James Japan
Whirlwind Clavell James Asia
Court of the Lion Cooney Eleanor China
The Bloody Ground Cornwell Bernard US
A Cup of Tea Ephron Amy
The Morning River Gear W. Michael US
People of theā€¦. Gear
The Memoirs of Cleopatra George Margaret
Mary Queen of Scotts George Margaret England
Henry VIII George Margaret England
Aztec Jennings Gary
The Balkan Trilogy Manning Olivia Balkans
Caesar's Women McCullough Colleen
Texas Michener James A.
Centennial Michener James A.
Chesapeake Michener James A.
Alaska Michener James A. Alaska
The Source Michener James A. Isreal
Journey Michener James A. Klondike Gold Rush
Legacy Michener James A. U.S.
Hawaii Michener James A. Hawaii
Iberia Michener James A. Spain
Poland Michener James A. Poland
The Covenant Michener James A. Africa
Caribbean Michener James A. Caribean
Mexico Michener James A. Mexico
Tales of the South Pacific Michener James A. South Pacific
1812 a novel Nevin David U.S.
Dream West Nevin David U.S.
Reluctant Odyssey Pargeter Edith WWII
A Bloody Field by Shewsbury Pargeter Edith
The Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet Pargeter Edith Wales
Warfare Accomplished Pargeter Edith WWI
The Eighth Champion of Christendom Pargeter Edith WWII
The Sunne in Splendour Penman Sharon Kay England
Falls the Shadow Penman Sharon Kay England
Here Be Dragons Penman Sharon Kay England
When Christ and His Saints Slept Penman Sharon Kay England
The Reckoning Penman Sharon Kay England
Red Army Peters Ralph
The Dog King Ransmayr Christoph
Sarum Rutherfurd Edward England
London Rutherfurd Edward England
Russka Rutherfurd Edward Russia
Freedom Safire William U.S.
A Division of Spoils Scott Paul India
The Towers of Silence Scott Paul India
The Day of the Scorpion Scott Paul India
The Jewel in the Crown Scott Paul India
The Heart of Mid-Lothian Scott Sir Walter Scottland
The Killer Angels Shaara Michael Civil War
Gods and Generals Shaara Jeff Civil War
The Deluge Sienkiewicz Henryc Poland
With Fire and Sword Sienkiewicz Henryc Poland
Quo Vardis Sienkiewicz Henryc Rome
The Teutonic Knights Sienkiewicz Henryc Poland
Fire in the Steppe Sienkiewicz Henryc Poland
The Winds of War Wouk Herman WWII Part I
The Glory Wouk Herman Israel
The Hope Wouk Herman Israel
War and Rememberance Wouk Herman WWI Part II