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Historical Novels

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by Edward Rutherfurd

The Back Cover

Edward Rutherfurd, author of the phenomenally successful Sarum: The Novel of England, now turns his remarkably vast talents to and even larger canvas: Russia. Spanning 1800 years of its history, people, politics, and culture, Rutherfurd's grand saga is as multifaceted as Russia itself: harsh yet exotic, proud yet fearful of enemies, steeped in ancient superstitions but always seeking to make its mark on the emerging world.

In Russka, Edward Rutherfurd transforms the epic history of a great civilization into a human story of flesh and blood, boldness and action, chronicling the lives of four families who are divided by ethnicity, but united in shaping the destiny of their land.

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The Location

Nice overview, (Friends and Partners).

Map showing Russia and the rest of Asia.

The Timeline

I will eventually include a timeline here that follows the book, but for now you can get an excellent timeline from this site: Russian Chronology

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My Comments

Russka was an incredibly enjoyable story. I especially like the way Rutherfurd creates a family tree for several very different families and then follows the characters through Russia's long history. This was so effective and interesting that I would like to find other historical novels written in this manner. I have found two others so far: Sarum, also by Rutherfurd, and Poland, by James Michener. Unfortunately Michener did not include a diagram of the family trees. Rutherfurd's novels do include the family trees. All three novels include maps which I also like to see in a historical novel.

Comments from Others

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