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The Winds of War

by Herman Wouk

The Back Cover

Europe, 1939:  the rumblings of war grow to a terrible roar.  In America the Henry clan - Navy to the bone - finds itself drawn into the very center of the maelstrom:  the father at the right hand of Roosevelt, his oldest son flying over the Pacific, his youngest falling in love in Europe.  From conference table to battlefield, from the rise of the Reich to the horror of Pearl Harbor, this is America's great World War II novel, Pulitzer Prize-winner Herman Wouk's classic epic of monumental events - and human courage and passions.

The Location

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Img: mapThe Axis Powers in 1942, (Cartography, Indiana State University).

The Timeline

Below is a brief timeline of events in The Winds of War. A much more extensive timeline of WWII can be found at this site: WWII Timeline

1939 SEP German Alliances
  Germany and Italy sign "Pact of Steel" pledging mutual support.
  Germany and Russia sign a 10 year non-aggression pact.
  Germany Invades Poland
  England and France declare war on Germany when Hitler refuses to withdraw from Poland.
  Russia Invades Poland
  Germany and Russia agree to divide Poland
  Map showing division of Poland
  Russia Invades Finland
  Germany Invades Norway
1940 MAY Germany Invades France
  German Luftwaffe's Air Attacks on Britain
1941 Italy and England in North Africa
  Italy in Greece
  Germany destroys Yugoslavia
  Sinking of the Bismark
  Germany Attacks Russia


My Comments

This is the third book I have read by Herman Wouk. It is an excellent book, but after three, they all start to sound alike. The events of course are different, and the characters, though similar, do have their own distinguishing personalities, but the overall feel of the The Winds of War is too much like The Hope and The Glory for me to really enjoy it. Unlike some people who can't get enough of one author, I need a change of pace now and then.  I think I'll wait awhile before reading War and Remembrance.  Overall, I highly recommend all of Herman Wouk's books; I'll let you decide how much you can take at one time though.

Comments from Others


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