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Photo Credit: Anjani's web site: Anjani

Here is a lady with an absolutely incredible voice. I'm a bit surprised that I like her because she is very different from what I usually like. My preference in female vocalists is generally more towards a haunting or other-worldly sound, but Anjani has a deep, sultry, worldly voice that is quite irresistable. Some of the reviews on her site say it best:

"Anjani... has a dark, rich, Cabernet-flavored voice that's just perfect for the worldly-wise material...."
Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News

Her expressive voice can be pure and gentle, it can be sultry and smoky and it can soar. Using English, Hawaiian and Okinawan, Anjani sings of the hardships of life, friendship, devotion and separation..."
Jamie O’Brien, Rambles

Check her out. She is very good. Below are a few of my favorites from the CD Blue Alert.

Never Got to Love You

The Mist

Crazy to Love You

Thanks for the Dance