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Music Clips

I am incredibly passionate about great music. I love to listen to it, and I love to share the enjoyment of it with friends. Following are short audio clips of favorite songs as discussed in the RML3 Forums. Discovering new music is a special treat. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Billy Harvey

Billy Harvey

I was introduced to this young man's music through his unusual web site. His site was highlighted in a web hosting forum as having one of the most unique navigation systems around. Certainly his site is unique. As it turned out his music was also unique and quite good. That was a couple years ago. I recently learned that he has been quite busy recording new music and creating quite a name for himself. His music is still unique, and several of his songs I find to be very good. Here are three of my favorites.

Like a Boy

When I Say Go

I May I May


Below are links to previous featured sets of songs.

Luscious voice like a fine cabernet. Not to be missed.

Dead Winter Dead
Another outstanding Christmas season Rock Opera.

Franz Ferdinand
Just plain fun.

The Lost Christmas Eve
Superb Christmas Rock Opera.

Azam Ali
Iranian angel.

Interesting Remakes
Contrasting different artists.

Haunting seductive voice...

Iron and Wine
Fine mellow acoustic with poetic lyrics.

The Musical Genius of Jim Steinman
Music of Jim Steinman as perfomred by various artists.

The Original Music Clips List
Nice clips from the original list.

Discuss These Songs

Discuss any of the songs on this page at RML3 Forums. Music is a mirror into the soul, and it's always a pleasure hearing about how songs move people differently. I hope you've enjoyed these short audio clips. -Ron

Problems with Audio Clips

I have discovered that sometimes the music clips will not play if you are using Firefox as your web browser. This is very disappointing since I have been such a fan of Firefox. Nevertheless, if you are having problems, you might want to try using Internet Explorer when browsing this section of my site. So far I have had no problems listening to these audio clips with Internet Explorer.

Update 12/11/05: I think I have finally found the problem with Firefox and my streaming audio. It seems that Firefox will handle only fifteen of my streaming audio clips. If I add a sixteenth clip, Firefox stops streaming the audio nicely, though I have no idea why. For whatever reason though, Internet Explorer will handle sixteen or more clips without a problem.

Firefox will only handle fifteen music clips

Too many for Firefox


12/11/05 -- I think I finally figured out the problem with Firefox. It seems FF can only handle fifteen of my streaming audio clips. If I add a sixteenth clip, FF no longer streams the audio nicely, though IE continues to work!

8/30/05 -- The problem with Firefox seems to have miraculously disappeared. I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem was. Perhaps it was a glitch in one of the versions of Firefox I had been using. At any rate, I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else is still having problems listening to the music clips with Firefox.

8/13/05 -- Added an archives section with links to past featured sets.
Still no resolution to the problems using Firefox.

6/05/05 -- Discovered problems listening to the clips using Firefox.

5/28/05 -- Added and grouped together several songs written by Jim Steinman.

5/26/05 -- I've completed the conversion of all play/stop buttons so that they change shape to indicate the effect of the next click: triangle for play, and square for stop... how creative huh ;-) Anyway, I hope you like the new buttons, and find them more intuitive than the previous versions.


In front of each song is a small button that will start/stop each sound clip. Clicking once will start the sound clip. Clicking a second time will stop the sound clip. The button images changes with each click. A triangle indicates that the next click will start the song. A square indicates that the next click will stop the song. If you don't listen to a song clip all the way through, be sure to stop it before starting another song or you will hear both songs at the same time (although the individual songs are great, they don't mix well together).

Regarding Copyrights

Because of copyright laws, I cannot just post copies of songs I want to share; however, I believe these short clips (approximately 40-50 seconds, except for songs longer than about five minutes in which case clips are about 60 seconds) fall within the terms of fair use. They also provide a sort of free advertising, so hopefully no one will consider posting short clips of music a copyright infringement; however, if a copyright owner of any song does not want a short clip of the song on this site, please let me know through feedback, and I will remove the clip.