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Skelling -- Loreena McKennitt
I love almost everything from McKennitt. This is one of my favorites... gee, I wonder why ;-)

Such Great Heights -- Iron and Wine
My son introduced me to this one. It's incredible. Peaceful, relaxing, tender, and loving.

Requiem for a Dream -- Kronos Quartet
This is a haunting piece that builds in intensity. Totally mesmerizing.

Designs on You -- Old 97's
Wonderfully honest and simple.

Constellations -- Jack Johnson
A terrific acoustic piece that brings to mind images of childhood innocence.

Deliver Me -- Sarah Brightman
Angelic voice.

Bittersweet Symphony -- The Verve
Symphonic sound with somewhat dark lyrics expressing feelings of hopelessness and a cry for connection.

When the Tigers Broke Free -- Pink Floyd
Always haunting, sad, and incredibly powerful statements about war.

To Myself Turned -- Lacuna Coil
Terrific Italian band. A little gothic, a little metal, very much reflective.