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The Musical Genius of Jim Steinman

Sometimes I think we pay too much attention to who sings a song and not enough attention to the actual song writer. Take Jim Steinman for example. His music is loved by millions, but most people who love his music have no idea who he is. They know of the artists who sing his songs, but not of him. Listen to the following five song clips. The songs were all written by Steinman. Though sung be different people, there is no mistaking the similarity between them. I call it the Jim Steinman formula, but it is more than that. It is the genius of Jim Steinman. See what you think.

Making Love Out of Nothing at All -- Air Supply

It's All Coming Back to Me Now -- Celine Dion

Total Eclipse of the Heart -- Bonnie Tyler

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad -- Meatloaf

Anything for Love -- Meatloaf

Neverland Hotel This is one of the best sites I've seen for info on Steinman... but, sadly, it doesn't work in Firefox :-(