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The Lost Christmas Eve -- Trans-Siberian Orchestra

This is an absolutely incredible rock opera that you don't want to miss. I found out about it when a friend sent me an e-mail with a link to this video: Christmas Lights

I was so impressed with this display of Christmas lights and the music it was set to, I had to find out more. The Christmas display is not a hoax. It is real:, (though sadly the man who created it has shut it down due to the traffic congestion problems it created this year).

The music for this choreographed display comes from the rock opera "The Lost Christmas Eve" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I enjoyed the video so much that I bought the CD. I wasn't disappointed. This is an incredible piece of work. The CD comes with a wonderf Christmas story that starts out as follows:

It was the night of Christmas Eve and somewhere on the other side of eternity (which is somewhere after today but before tomorrow) a tear of incredible sadness slowly welled up within the eye of a beautiful young lady. The sorrow within the tear was so great, that though it desperately wanted to stay with her to give whatever comfort it could, the weight of the pain it contained eventually caused it to fall. It fell through eternity, across countless galaxies, star systems and universes until it found itself entering the atmosphere of our own world. There, while falling through the clouds, it was slowed for a moment as it landed on a strand of the Princess of Winterís snow-white hair. The tear ran to the end of that strand, where it lingered for a moment, before continuing its fall. The Princess, having noticed her small visitor, had blessed the teardrop transforming it into a snowflake, which allowed it to continue the remainder of its journey in a gentle descent among countless other snowflakes, until it finally landed in front of an old toy store in New York City.


Meanwhile, across eternity, the Lord called before Him His youngest angel and once more requested him to return to the world of mankind and to bring Him the name of the person that best continued the work of his Son on Earth. His mission had to be completed in one night, and unlike all his previous journeys to the world of humans, this time he would only be allowed to use his wings twice, once when he descended, and once more when he would leave (not unlike the souls of humans). So, with the nightfall having already started on Earth, the angel quickly unfolded his wings and began his quest, all the while wondering how he would be able to find this individual....

And here are samples of the musical score accompanying this touching story.

Faith Noel

Lost Christmas Eve

Anno Domine

Christmas Nights in Blue

For the Sake of Our Brother

Back to a Reason

What Child is This?

Christmas Canon Rock

Different Wings